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Canadian Digital Adoption Program

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What Is CDAP?

The Canadian government is providing 4 billion dollars worth of funding to small and medium-sized businesses' to help them adopt new digital technologies.

Who's Eligible?

Additional Benfits

BDC Loans Options

Businesses that successfully complete the digital adoption as a part of the CDAP program can then submit a loan request to BDC for more financing! If accepted 0% interest loans can go up to $100,000 depending on the size of the business. This loan can help fund your digital growth.

Boost Your Buisness Technology

The CDAP program also offers a large grant of $15,000. For businesses who qualify, KJ Media Solution will connect you with a digital advisor. This grant exists to help you, get online, increase sales, adopt security software, connect with customers, improve social media marketing and improve user experience for online customers.

Ready to get Started?

Ready to take the first step to evolve your business’s digital technology? Fill in the form to the right and KJ Media Solutions will begin the process of getting you your brand-new free website using the CDAP Grant!

*KJ Media Solutions are not digital advisors. But we will connect you with some!*